Reaching Across the Aisle to Ensure Veterans Receive Earned Care

Ranking Member Corrine Brown presides over an oversight hearing alongside Chairman Jeff Miller.
House Ranking Member Brown sits alongside Senate Ranking Member Blumenthal, Senate Chairman Isakson, and House Chairman Miller.

Making Sure the VA Continues to Serve Those Who Served Our Nation

On January 8, 2015, Ranking Member Corrine Brown introduced H.R. 216, The Department of Veterans Affairs Budget and Reform Act of 2015.
Making Sure the VA Continues to Serve Those Who Served Our Nation feature image

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Ranking Member Corrine Brown Working to Build a Better VA: Opening Statement at Hearing on ‘Philadelphia and Oakland: Systemic Failures and Mismanagement’

Apr 23, 2015 Press Release

Erin Snow and Grace Rodden Newly Hired as Members of House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Minority Staff

Apr 9, 2015 Press Release

House Veterans Affairs Committee Ranking Democrat Corrine Brown hired Ms. Erin Snow to become the new Staff Director for the Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity, and Ms. Grace Rodden for the position of Minority Investigative Counsel.

House Veterans’ Affairs Ranking Member Brown Emphasizes Improvements Being Made by Department of Veterans’ Affairs with Respect to Patient Wait Times

Apr 9, 2015 Press Release

Presently, I am pleased to report that the Jacksonville clinic has responded to the tremendous increase in VA patients by hiring more doctors, authorizing leases for additional space for the Jacksonville clinic, and expanding its hours of operation.